Things to do near Guanacaste Costa Rica

Things to do near Guanacaste Costa Rica

Things to do near Guanacaste Costa Rica

Are you in Costa Rica? Wish to have the best trip of your life? While in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, you can have the time of your life by visiting some of the best places in the city. Some of the famous landscapes and scenic beauties like the national park, Arenal Volcano and rainforest –there’s so much things to do in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

The Guanacaste province is situated towards the northwest shoulder of Costa Rica. The overall area is bordered by the Nicoya Peninsula towards its south and the Nicaragua towards its north. The “Gold Coast” of the region is growing in popularity and boasts a variety of serene beaches and beautiful nature all around.

When you are in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, then here are some of the top exciting things you can do to have a fun-filled trip:

  • Visit the Famous Arenal Volcano National Park: Situated within the fertile lowlands of northern Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the region. Until the time of 2010, Arenal Volcano was the most active volcano in the region. After that, the volcano has entered into an undetermined dormant phase. The travelers to Guanacaste still enjoy the serenity of the surrounding region with sprawling mountains and great scenic view.

The Arenal Volcano is also known for its famous Arenal Volcano National Park. This park is renowned for protecting the Arenal Volcano as well as the Chato Volcano which is also dormant. The park starts nearby the Lake Arenal and comprises famous trekking trails as well as observational spots for the travelers to have a great time.

  • Monteverde Sky Adventure: While you are on your Costa Rica vacation, you cannot afford to miss out the spellbinding Monteverde Sky Adventure. It is an all inclusive package that lets you enjoy the true scenic beauty of the place with the help of professional tour guides. Explore the majestic cloud forest of Monteverde along with its fascinating biodiversity to have the best of your Costa Rica vacation. Under this tour package, you get to enjoy an unforgettable sky walk that combines the thrilling experiences of suspension bridges and trails.

You can even enjoy a fun gondola ride which has been tailored to ensure the safety as well as the topmost comfort of the travelers. The special Sky Tram tour goes above the treetops and gives you an amazing view of the entire landscape clad in thick forest cover and an impressive view of the majestic Monteverde cloud forest.

  • Arenal Volcano and Rainforest Tour: Another way to enhance your trip to Guanacaste is by paying a visit to the majestic Arenal volcano and rainforest Take a door to door service with the help of professional tour guides who will guide you throughout the thrilling journey to the rainforest. The tour consists of an educational & fascinating tour to the Arenal Volcano rainforest that lets you explore the undisturbed biodiversity of the place.

Have a great trip to Guanacaste, Costa Rica!!

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